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Niugini Helicopters only operates BELL Helicopters, which are among the Safest helicopters in the World.

This is Important, in an Unforgiving Country like Papua New Guinea and each Helicopter in our Fleet is suited to a particular range of Job Specification.



Our Bell 407 helicopters are fitted with a Value Improvement Performance (VIP) turbine single engines and are best at high altitudes and for lifting heavy loads quickly.

In the hands of a highly experienced pilot, these machines perform at the top of their class in the single engine light helicopter performance range.

The B407 VIP seats 6 passengers, plus pilot, an internal payload of 600-650 kgs or up to 800 kgs on the hook (external or sling) subject to the fuel required for the task, the weather on the day and the pilot's professional judgement. 

Three B407s are available for general charter, high altitude and/or heavy lifting and demanding aerial works. These aircraft are situated across the country and are sited as per market demand.



Bell 427 TWIN

Pride of Fleet is our Bell 427, twin turbine P&W engine 207D and is used for utility and corporate work. 

Ideal for larger clients that have a “twin engine” policy in “hostile” terrain, such as PNG, the running costs are similar to a larger single engine, and thus within reach of most clients. 

The popular B427 seats 7 passengers, plus pilot, and is ideal for over water flights. The Bell twin offers a larger payload at good cruise speed, and is still utilitous enough to perform demanding sling work as required. Note - Currently Unavailable but please discuss.

Bell 427 internal payloads are 500-550kg and external payload is up to 700kgs, subject to fuel required, the weather and the pilot's professional judgement. 

Bell b206L

Our Bell Longrangers are work-horses and are equipped for altitude with C30P turbine engine conversions to cope with PNG requirements.

The B206L seats 5-6 passengers, plus pilot, an internal payload of 400-450 kgs or up to 600 kgs on the hook (external or sling), subject to fuel required, the weather and the pilot's discretion.

Floats are required for over water charter work. All Longrangers are available for all general ad hoc charter works, as per Client demands.