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Helicopters & Logistics Advisory are our specialty. 

Being a boutique team of senior experienced staff allows us to deliver “Elegant Solutions” for the Client.


Our CEO and head office Managers are professionals and have trained in business over many years. 

Our Pilots are high time and industry veterans, so by nature we have low turnover. 

Our licensed Engineers are in-house and have built our facility from the ground up over many years. 

We endeavor to respect our Helicopter Operator colleagues in PNG and therefore our policy is to generally recruit from outside PNG. 

We seek to foster this reciprocal respect with all our Clients, Staff and Associates. 

As an old industry adage goes: "As Helicopter Operators, We Solve Problems You may not be Aware that You have, in Ways You may not fully Comprehend ... (until maybe later)!!"

Good relationships are required for a Client to “believe” in the Product being delivered.

Without this belief and knowledge, the client can only judge an operator by the cost of flight hours quoted, which can lead to one dimensional comparisons, general misconceptions and a loss of safety. Feel free to visit us at Youtube.


Planning & logistics

“LETS TALK”  … about what YOU NEED DONE…!!!    

Each Service requires a Plan. 

Our Managers and Pilots .....

- Know the People, Know the Country, Know the Logisitics - 

to get Your Job Planned Out and Done Right….!!

Clients should be aware it is easy to waste resources in PNG due to its unique geo-socio-economic landscape and we assist our Clients to best manage these Logistics.

Our PROMISE is to give Sound Advice, on which to act on, in a difficult (ie very uncertain) environment, and to ADD VALUE to every Client we engage with.

Elegant Solutions

“LETS TALK”  … We Aim to Deliver Elegant Solutions, as this is what our Clients Require the Most.

E = Mc^2 is an Elegant Solution.    

A Simple Solution that “unlocks” real Value for our Client is Sought.

An Understanding of the True Nature of the Problem… will Provide the Solution.



“LETS TALK”  …We work in a Beautiful Unique and Wildly Spectacular Lost World and would love to share it with those Lucky enough to come.

These Adventure Experiences Promise to Remake You as a Person and remain for the rest of your Life.

Come and See…While You Can.

Our Unique Islands boast the Top Diving Reefs, Kayaking, and Fishing Spots in the World ......

..... Plus Helicopter Access to an Unknown World.

Your Adventure can be fitted to Your Preference and Time Available.

Check our Associates' packages at:

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