Niugini Helicopters


Safety profile of operator

Our Safety Code


Total Safety for All is our Goal and our overall objective is to have NIL Safety Issues.

Aviation Safety is heavily regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for all Operators in Papua New Guinea. 

We run a CASA approved Part 100 Safety Management System, designed to minimize Risk and work on Safety as a First Priority.

CASA PNG have awarded Ballina Limited, trading as Niugini Helicopters, a three year Air Operators License (AOC) which reflects our low industry risk profile.

Given Papua New Guinea’s unforgiving and harsh environment, our safety record of NO Serious Injuries and NO fatalities, in over twenty years, is hard won and remains Exemplary. 

Niugini Helicopters, as a helicopter operator in PNG, have special regulations governing the carriage of Dangerous Goods in country. Special exemptions may apply, so talk to our managers.

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